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The fast absorption features ensure extra protection, so that you can move freely throughout the day. The 5X fast absorbent core, comes with Aloe Vera protection technology that escalates the hygiene to great heights.

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Advanced leak
lock design

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Fluid lock
Gel Technology

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Thicker core for better absorption

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Larger wings for better positioning


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“femiclap is a one-stop solution for women during their period. I’ve gone from casually picking up femiclap to actively seeking it out for those heavy flow days as a regular user. I highly recommend the brand to all the women out there.”

Pooja Pant

“I've been using femiclap for a long time and it's never let me down. I've never had to deal with issues like rashes, itching, or even staining. I highly recommend femiclap.”

Dr. Ramya Garg

“From waking up every couple of hours to sleeping peacefully in the night, periods have now become very comfortable, thanks to femiclap for stain-free and pleasant nights.”

Deepa Kumari